24 October, 2010

A day

LOOK at your calendar ---------> its 25/10/2010 .

Today is MONDAY.

But? Why im still in this house ? Isnt me myself suppose to go
there ---------> SCHOOL!

Erm, what ever.

Okey, okey. My fault. It was me, yeah.. ME. Lazy-lazy crazy girl. Erm, dunno what to say. But, yeah. Now, im online-ing. NO!! Not Facebook-ing ok? Actually, my eyes open at 8 o clock just now. But . . we know kan, yang school's gates close at 7.30 am. So, I think quiet good if im stay here. Listening at Rihanna's song, read some book. Novel for sure. Jap.



.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.