25 April, 2011

only for today.

Sometimes I feel like you really get into me. Being in that mood of crazy... is one of my best time ever. Sometimes , i keep reminding myself " IGNORE your feelings. " But, honestly. That feelings can bring me to the high level of dissappointment. That's why I don't deserve someone to stay in my heart. WHY? I'm wondering ... Do you feel what I feel for you rite now ? Do you feel the same way like I did ? HAhaha!
Once again... I say that IT'S NOT IMPORTANT :)

The best way that i've to do is to keep my feelings. Just keep it. Someone told me that " just FOLLOW the Flow " , and until now.. I apply that words. We don't need to think it seriously. It just a short story in our life and sometimes, we need to talk about it . Everyone has their own story. So do I. But what else I can say? I dont deserve that place. I wont take it seriously. But, if you read this... please notice this. I don't want you to go away from me. Let me know you better. . and better. Thanks :) Coz I believe that Allah knows better and there's a reason for it.

So , now i am thinking of my future... how many people I'll meet... how they look likee..and SO ON. All thing that I have to do now is achieving my goal and it's for my parents. My beloved family. ..and yeah I do this for Allah .

That's all from me.

(p/s: i'll post bout this topic only one entry per month .

.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.


luilicious is ur name said...

rajin ny updte blog...saye respect sama kmu..berdoa agar awak jd blogger mcm sape??yg yu n zai suke tu..haha...respect wak...gile laa..mmg suk ati..ain xmampu bca smue..