27 January, 2011

sweetdream :)

People said. . .
" please take a nap . You will have the eyebags . "

( Urghh~ =.=' )

Am I care ? Honestly, I'm cruel towards myself. Eventhough I'm tired and a bit of sleepy,but still, I'm ignore that. There are many people ( especially women ) said that . .

AND Of course i'm seems like. . .

Tak mau lah aku. If Im the pretty one SEKALIPUN, yeah.. I might ignore it. Just, I will say yes for SLEEP FOR HEALTH ( damn, aku tiba-tiba lupa nak eja kesihatan in BI ) haha. Tak sure if that words stand for the right one. haha. Night, Malaysia. Btw, Im sorry. All of my newest post seem like GRAMMAR- Tunggang-LANGgganG! If u can give me a favor, please let me know which one is wrong and yeah that will be lesson for me to avoid from a mistake happen for the second time :)

.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.