11 February, 2011

english courses :)

Assalamualaikum and good evenings readers :)

As you all know I've my English class from Monday till Friday. Of course it makes my day busy as a bee . I start my class with something funny to others memorise it as me . At the class, my friends call me p-ka. Yeah,I know. . it's kinda weird kan ? I have and want to use it back and don't ask me why. I'm totally blank to answer it, beb.

On my first day, it seems great ! Haha, the funny part starts when we all have to introdunce ourselves towards other. Shut up me terus. I'm starts to feel nervous and like OH NO~ Teacher Janet ask us to be volenteer ( sowi, i dont know how to spell it ) - and of course I don't want to be the first one. It's starts with our class monitor. He's a musician , 20-years-old . He's great and it is easy to get along with him .

For my next day, I come late at 9 .15 in the morning. I wake up late and it is because I still can't wake up early. WOW! There's UMI. She's cute for me. She's kecik and so talkative- but she seems to be pendiam girl if she doesn't open her mouth. Yeah, she's great in English. I'm so humble bout it. . (ceh, bajet rendah diri coz English tak bagus pun . . .) haha.

For your infomation , I can't speak well in English. I am not confident towards myself and it makes me feel down. Sometimes, my lidah will putar-belit . So, it sounds horrible. Shame on you, P-ka! See, I use the words ' P-ka' already. hahah!

After 5 days of being in the class, I feel OK. I do love my friend Dayang coz she's insane ! haha. She's makes me laugh. But, I don't like one part . It seems that my class have a puak2. Hopely, tak adalah lepas nie.

Done, with my essay. Done with my conversation' homework. . and done for my entry.
Thank you, have a beautiful day :)

Lotsa luv;
Yuyu- pqa

.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.


umi zafirah said...

wuuuu.thanks for compliments pika.makes me shy owh u ;D.
I'm not really good with it laa.Tngk I bnyk hantam2 mcm professional cooker,haves n needles.maluuuu =.=.
I really hope our class xada yg berpuak2.wuwuwuwuwu.
mcm x siok bha berpuak2 :(