26 February, 2011

Moment to get remember.

Tarik nafas lega.


Bismillah. Setelah beberapa hari aku dalam keadaan tertanya-tanya aku akhirnya sudah jumpa which one yang menyebabkan hal ni terjadi. Terdiam juga aku baca apa yang dia tulis. Aku rasa memang benda neyh Allah nak uji. Sometimes, people get mad towards their own fault. And that's ME. When someone try to be GOOd for take some advise to share it with others, I make it likes something that's not true and good. We only see that sky is blue in colour, human full with black hair . But, we don't know what their mind say or think of this world. Just walk out and stare deeply on situation that help us to create one possiblity.

I don't know how to tell u guys. . i'm really in the situation which is I feel out of energy . I talk and talk bout other and at the same time, I hurt her. :(

Alhamdulillah, now. . everything is clear. Syukran jazilan . :)

.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.