18 March, 2011

10 wishes( for yesterday)

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to readers. I just done with helping my aunt to cook for our lunch. Yeah, sotong again. I don't know lah..budak-budak sangat suka makan sotong. =_=' .Oke, actually this entry i wanna list out my "10 wishes" and I just can't figure it out. Oke, I have to rite ?

1. The 1st one must point out to my family. So, i wish and pray for our own happiness and may Allah guide us always and forever. Amin. Hopely, we become such a happy family.

2. Oke, I wish I can go to China by myself . WHY CHINA ? Because I love their cultural. There's so many history bout their country.

3. I wish for DSLR . I love to take photo. I love to see the world by my own eyes and create it to become sentimental part in my life.

4. I wish I have a good job and become rich. Why ? Because I want to built mosque and share some of my money for the charity work .

5. I wish I get a great result for my SPM . And It will coming out this Wednesday! Do pray for me yeah. Thanx a lot.

6. I wish I can study in the major of accounting.

7. Nak sihat selalu.

8. Nak selalu with my parents.

9. Nak study dekat2 KK only.

10 . Nak sentiasa jadi anak yang baik, solehah untuk parents ;)

So, kesimpulannya, aku memang RATU rojak bahasa! I'm sorry. Apa-apapun... kalau kamu notice . . .aku xbanyak minta benda yang nak kena beli. aku more kepada diri ,keluarga and masa depan. Sebab kat kepala otak aku langsung xda benda nak di beli kecuali DSLR tuh .aahah! Sekian ,terima kasih :)

.:Tot Tot Tot, Sekian Terima Kasih:.